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10. Juni 2013 1 10 /06 /Juni /2013 14:56

Lilian milon



The travel in Plymouth
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The journey was long but funny .When we arrived to Plymouth i went to the host familly. The familly is very nice and i eat pasta and cheese.



i visiting the eden project ,in the eden project was seven greenhouses and i bought a t-shirt.





i visiting the museum of Sir Francis Drake and in the shopping i bought season two of futurama and a cap assassin's creed 3.




The rando in Dartmoore was bad because the weather was wendy. The shopping was ok.






In the Bodmin Jails were lot of strang's model and in castle tintagel was nice and the weather was sunny. I was a headache.





Winchester was funny and the food in the fery was good. Im arrived in my house at 9 a.m




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